Winter in the Hill Country

For those of you who live where “real” winter hits…we on the other hand have 40’s at night and 60’s during the day!  So why don’t I go out to paint more??? Could not tell you that, procrastination, lazy, busy??  However I am re-organizing my studio to be more “user friendly”,  that would be me who I need to help…It is hard to get motivated when there are 8 things stacked on your drawing table.  Now as I type, I have moved out the sofa and rocking chair and added a bigger easel and table to lay out my designs…. actually completed an oil painting of roses, yes, roses.  I an organizing a workshop for Denise Mahkle PSA in March and signed up for a workshop in October with Albert Handell!  I am so excited to have the chance to learn from the best…I just cannot believe I have the chance to do this.  My life has been centered around taking care of my precious mother who has lived here the last 5 years.  She was a blessing to me everyday and an inspiration.  She left for her heavenly home January 1 at age 98.  What a wonderful life she lived.  I have time that I never thought I was missing, to paint……so here goes, I will make my Mother proud.  She was a wonderful artist and she would always be my biggest fan.  I imagine she is still rooting for me, as I gather myself to start this year….I am blessed.  Watch for some new work….Maryneil

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